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We show entrepreneurs how to simplify funding and make it easier and faster to obtain sufficient capital.

You want to invest – but what to do if the bank does not join in?

      When it comes to investing and realising entrepreneurial ideas, there is often no way around the bank as a lender. Successful discussions with bank advisors meanwhile constitute one of the greatest challenges for entrepreneurs. Those who appear insufficiently prepared have usually already lost.

What if you could get expert credit check documents already before the bank calls?

   What if you did not have to do the conversations on your own or even someone else would do it for you? What if you could attract investors for your project?


Services you can build on

Extensive services in the field of coaching, consulting, financial advice, financing, financial advice, credit restructuring, hotel financing, business consulting, management consulting, investment consulting.

Innovative financial solutions

         In addition to traditional bank loans, we also offer suitable equity [replacement] solutions. This is how we strengthen your equity capital.

    UGWGROUP Individual facilitates project financing with temporary equity participation, largely independently of banks.

Investing for a strong return

       You want to invest and are looking for a high-yield investment?


   UGWGROUP AG specialises in offering and financing existing energy production plants, which are already connected to the electricity grid, to assist with the production of renewable energies in Italy. Furthermore, they help to find locations and to analyse and to check whether the construction of new plants is possible according to currently valid funding guidelines.


"Investing in renewable energy is not only economically viable – it is an investment in future generations."

Johann (Hans ) Nuart - Boardmember of UGWGROUP

Simplifying the funding.
The next 20 years as well.

As an internationally active company with a particular emphasis on German-speaking Europe, we focus on innovative capital raising, financing and credit rehabilitation for entrepreneurs, commercial enterprises and the hotel industry.


We are involved in high-yield investments, as well as trading and financing of renewable energy production plants.

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Günter Wirsching - UGWGROUP.png
Silvia Wirsching - UGWGROUP.png
Johann (Hans) Nuart - UGWGROUP.png

Dipl. Kfm. Günter Wirsching

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of UGWGROUP

Silvia Wirsching

Officemanagement Germany

Johann (Hans) Nuart

Boardmember of UGWGROUP
Managing Director in subsidiaries



Frank Wirsching - UGWGROUP.png
Nicolas Wirsching - UGWGROUP.png

Frank Wirsching, BA

Nicolas Wirsching, BA

Boardmember of UGWGROUP
Managing Director in subsidiaries
Managing Director of UGWFINANCE Germany


Everything great in the world happens only because one does more than he has to.

               Simplify financing



      Sufficient and rapid capital raising to implement economic measures is more important than ever. We simplify financing by taking part in the economic risk of our customers, as far as this is conceivable for both sides, while strongly believing in the performance of our concepts and the entrepreneurial commitment of our customers.

        Creating and actively develop-

        ing innovations


   We apply our many years of experience in financing and raising capital and make this know-how available to our customers. A consistent view of innovations and developments in the markets keep our solutions up to date.

           Putting sustainability into

           practice and creating a good



        All we have is only borrowed in this world – and that commits us to mindfulness. For the sake of man, nature and our children, we conserve resources and pay attention to them in our daily decisions. #modernfinance – We are aware that, as a matter of fact, compromises may be necessary for the coexistence of people, technology and nature.

               Aiding our customers to

               make good profits

     Our offers have a demon- strably positive effect on the success of our customers. We promote independence in financing and in energy supply and are committed to renewable energies. Through easy-to-verify investment solutions, we also enable interested investors to benefit from investments in renewable energies. #modernfinance and the economic profit of our customers are further foundations of our success.

          Entering partnerships and liv-

          ing an active life


    Long-term partnerships with our customers, employees and network partners are our top priority. Partnerships are the foundation for our successful economy. Open conversations and a mutual approach promote solution competence.

            The next UGW generation



        A young UGW generation is in its starting blocks to approach the new decade. We ensure the successful survival of UGWGROUP for future generations and focus on sustainability, even outside of our business projects. We promote our own next generation and integrate them into the company at an early stage. With a lot of commitment and fresh ideas, the new generation of consultants and leaders will make their contribution to customers  and to the development of UGWGROUP and will help to shape the way forward.


Find out how your project can be

prepared and implemented

Write to us:

You will receive answers to your questions and an initial assessment. Guaranteed free of charge and without obligation.

We can be reached by phone Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Telephone (Germany):

+49 (0) 9381 709 2300

Thank you! We take care of your request and are happy to be here for you.

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